7 Reasons a Policy & Procedure Manual is so Important for Your Healthcare Franchise

7 Reasons a Policy & Procedure Manual is so Important for Your Healthcare Franchise

By: Christine Dura

Every healthcare franchise needs a map to chart the course of the business and stay on track. It comes in the form of a Policy & Procedure (P&P) Manual, which outlines your business practices for employees and business officials.

When you have this manual, you and your team are prepared when problems arise, when new employees come on board, and as your business grows. A well-made P&P manual provides guidance along the way, outlining procedures and confirming the legitimacy of your business.

These are seven reasons a P&P manual is so important for your healthcare franchise.

Contracting and Credentialing

Many insurance companies will require a P&P Manual when they consider insuring you. They want to see that you have rules in place to assure a quality of care for your patients, and will need it before offering contracts or awarding credential.


In order to receive your UCAOA Accreditation and Certification, you will also need a P&P Manual. Other licensing agencies will also ask for it. Remember – as healthcare franchise policies change, so must your P&P Manual.  Be sure it is up-to-date with the latest rules!

Training & Staff Development

When you hire new employees, providing a thorough manual will help integrate them into your business and understand all the rules that are in place. It will help guide your employees by establishing systems for different procedures, outlining workplace expectations, and developing the culture of your healthcare franchise. The manual will make the onboarding experience more efficient and more productive, and outlining the expectations eliminates any communication errors.

Establish Rules

Businesses in the medical field must be particularly stringent about following rules and policies to maintain the health and safety of their patients. Use the manual to establish rules on everything from patient privacy to federal regulations. Clearly written-out rules will help everyone be on the same page, and make the job of the HR team much easier.

Maintain Consistency

Providing excellent care for your patients hinges on consistency, and a comprehensive P&P manual helps establish set protocols. When your employees don’t have to remember every little detail, and can consult a manual when they’re stuck, your healthcare franchise is safer for everyone.


Your manual should include step-by-step processes for dealing with the processes of federal standards, e.g. HIPAA, OSHA, BBP ECP, CLIA, EMTALA, CMS Conditions of Participation, DNV/Joint Commission. Make sure you keep your manual up-to-date as these policies change.

Growth & Success

A detailed P&P Manual will stay with you through the entire journey of your healthcare franchise. When you establish protocols and procedures, your entire staff can work together as a team to care for your patients and grow your business. Creating documentation early on shows you have a vision for the future of your business.

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