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Your Healthcare Franchise – What Are the Investment Requirements to Start an OrthoNOW Franchise?

Opening your own OrthoNOW healthcare franchise location can be one of the most exciting steps in your career. A primary question you’ll be asking yourself is what are the investment requirements necessary to start an OrthoNOW franchise?

Your financial success is just as important to us as it is to you. Your Franchise Discovery Representative will help you determine if owning an OrthoNOW franchise is the best fit for your goals and dreams for career independence.

Let’s talk numbers

The initial OrthoNOW franchise investment is $65,000. However, this is not the only financial responsibility a franchise owner takes on. Your Franchise Discovery Representative will walk you through the estimated costs of opening your own center so you can be fully aware of the financial commitment.

Your investment requirements will range from $491,250 to $990,000 after all additional expenses are considered. These costs will cover the following needs to help make your health care franchise grow. Including among these fees are:

  • Initial franchise fee
  • Travel and living expenses while training
  • Utility fees, real estate costs, and utility deposits
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Equipment, furniture, and office décor
  • Signage
  • Construction of leasehold improvements
  • Office supplies
  • Grand opening and pre-opening advertising

Additional expenses counted in your estimate apply to licenses and permits, attorneys and accountants, insurance, design, and an additional six months of funds for business expenses.

We are also invested in the success of OrthoNOW, and your involvement in our health care franchise, and we require all investors to have the following qualifications:

  • Liquid capital: $350,000
  • Net worth: $750,000
  • Credit score: 700 or above

Your Franchise Discovery Representative will answer any questions you have about the financial responsibility of a franchise owner and what role our corporate office will play in the creation of a thriving business.

Make your money grow with an OrthoNOW franchise

It’s no secret that a health care franchise is one of the safest and fastest growing ways to invest your money. Here are a few other reasons why opening an OrthoNOW franchise is a good investment:

  • We are in a recession-proof industry — accidents and injuries don’t happen by appointment
  • Health care does not slow down when the economy does.
  • It provides a residual stream of income
  • Our concept offers scalability — while other health care franchises have saturated the market, orthopedic urgent care is an up-and-coming segment with multiple growth opportunities
  • Opportunity to enter at the ground level
  • We help patients get the medical care they need without the long waits for a doctor’s appointment or the expensive bills related to emergency room treatment.

We work with financing companies that can help you secure your piece of the health care franchise market. Contact us today to schedule your initial meeting and ask us any questions you have concerning the investment responsibility of an OrthoNOW franchise owner.

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