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Driving Patient Volume

Creating New Healthcare Business Opportunities by Growing Your OrthoNOW Practice

Building new healthcare business opportunities is impossible without building the right relationships. At OrthoNOW everything we do is based on building relationships. Relationships between the OrthoNOW Flagship Location and our franchise partners, our franchise partners and their staff, their staff and the patients with the end goal being establishing long lasting, mutual trust and respect among all parties. It is this philosophy that guides how we serve our patients, engage our franchisee’s and is the cornerstone of our corporate culture.

Our franchise partners are forward thinkers who are active, respected citizens devoted to their communities. Our franchise partners engage with their communities to build awareness of the brand, develop referral sources, earn and gain friends and followers all while building patient flow.

OrthoNOW wants every franchisee to have a thriving business and career independence and that’s why we equip our owners with the knowledge, training and tools to successfully operate and develop their OrthoNOW business. The single most important outward looking component of our on-going commitment to your fiscal profitability is marketing. Therefore, we developed proven best in class healthcare marketing and PR to grow our practice and yours. The OrthoNOW Franchise Marketing program will provide you with a turn-key tool kit and a strategic plan that is structured, reliable, and adaptable for local use.

Basics of Marketing

During training and orientation, every OrthoNOW franchisee will be provided with our OrthoNOW Basics of Marketing tool kit. This is designed to:

  • Familiarize you with various types of advertising vehicles and their costs and benefits
  • Make available information and resources for local and regional networking and public relations
  • Help you with planning and budgeting for regular advertisement and promotion

The kit gives you access to professional, attractive, affordable print and electronic materials that can be used right from the start of your business to convey your commitment to quality and excellence. Below are just a few samples of what we provide:

  • Sales collateral
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Customizable print ads, web ads, and direct mail pieces
  • Display and event materials
  • Radio and TV commercials with local station tagging place holders
  • Local media and client lists
  • Mobile smartphone App

And more…

The Ortho­NOW Franchising Team continuously works to ensure that you maximize your growth potential while building brand equity and integrity. We continually update the OrthoNOW franchise community on these added resources as they become available.