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Why Choose an OrthoNOW® Medical Franchise?

There are many reasons to become an OrthoNOW medical franchise owner. Here are just a few:

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  • Board certified orthopedic surgeons and allied musculoskeletal providers
  • Focus on expertise at very first medical encounter for an orthopedic condition: no more “refer to Ortho” slogan used ubiquitously in emergency rooms, urgent care Centers, primary care clinics and pharmacy minute clinics.
  • Immediate referral to orthopedic subspecialists for discussion/assessment of particular injury: real time communication via smartphone technology to optimize initial management.
  • Non-threatening, tranquil, aesthetic environment unlike a hospital or urgent care Center
  • Complete attention to Customer Service: Sole focus is on helping the patient
  • Enthusiasm with politeness from top to bottom – clinicians, administrators, office staff, techs and receptionist above all.
  • Strong patient education on musculoskeletal and sports medicine issues: Begins from waiting room (printed materials and video monitor) to patient based articles on relevant diagnoses, to video explanations of determined diagnosis in waiting room or PC tablet. No soap operas, game shows or CNN in the waiting room.
  • Careful attention to accurate and efficient coding for appropriate reimbursement
  • Proactive reach out to the end user: the injured patient. Schools, teams, big employers, gyms are all entities in which orthopedic problems are rarely discussed despite the obvious need.
  • Direct contracting/referral arrangements with large groups/insurance entities to expedite referral
  • OrthoNOW centers can compare/analyze data to make recommendations on optimal clinical protocols leading to improved and more efficient, cost effective care
  • Smart Phone App and website allow easy access to determine nearest OrthoNOW facility and provide relevant information

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The following is not directed to any person in the Registration States by or on behalf of OrthoNOW, LLC, or anyone acting with the knowledge of OrthoNOW, LLC.

No franchises can be sold in the Registration States, by or on behalf of OrthoNOW, LLC, until the offering has been registered and declared effective and the appropriate Registration State Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered before the sale and in compliance with the franchise laws of the respective Registration States.