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Am I the Right Fit?

Am I the Right Fit for OrthoNOW’s Healthcare Franchise Model?

Many medical entrepreneurs recognize the financial benefits of opening a healthcare franchise, but not everyone has the right talents and assets to be a good fit. At OrthoNOW, we want to make sure your investment in opening a health care franchise is the best fit for your skills and overall goals.

Much the same as you research and ask questions prior to investing, we too research entrepreneurs like you to determine if they are the right candidate to own an OrthoNOW franchise.

Business builders understand the importance of researching all opportunities before deciding on a franchise to invest in. Before you begin researching lenders and looking for finance option consider if you have the qualities our franchise owners possess.

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to patient care
  • Strong work ethic
  • Accountable
  • Aggressive thinker
  • Change Leader

At OrthoNOW we have a mutual investment in our franchise partners. It is important that each franchise owner represents the qualities listed above in order to promote the success of the brand.

In addition to our successful medical entrepreneurs possessing certain qualities, they also have specific characteristics geared toward the success of their franchise goals, such as being:

  • A self-starter, motivated by the success of the franchise
  • Laser-focused and committed to the business
  • Outgoing and personable
  • A good communicator who will stay in contact with OrthoNOW and ask for advice from other franchise owners
  • Passionate about employees and helping patients
  • A team player who offers advice and can accept tips on how to make the practice successful

If you think you are aligned and are a good fit to be an OrthoNOW franchise owner contact us today and begin the conversation with your Franchise Discovery Representative.

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