Four Reasons You Should Look into the Healthcare Franchise Business

Four Reasons You Should Look into the Healthcare Franchise Business

By: Christine Dura

Among all the various business opportunities available to savvy entrepreneurs, the healthcare franchise model is seeing the largest increase in demand, making it one of the best industries to get into. Consumers are continuing to seek out convenient, quality, and cost-efficient healthcare and franchises are answering the call. Whether they are a specialized or general urgent care center healthcare franchises are becoming the better bet for physicians wishing to provide care in a setting similar to a private practice without the risk involved.

Here are four reasons you should get into the healthcare franchise business:

  1. Meeting the Growth. Healthcare franchises can efficiently meet a growing demand for services. Adding to the demand for healthcare services is an aging population of baby boomers. Healthcare franchising is the perfect way to meet this demand with quality care. Smart investors should keep an eye on businesses that address this booming market and get in on the ground floor.
  2. Consistency. Healthcare franchises provide the consumer with the same consistency and recognition as retail franchises. Franchises operate similarly across each location to ensure that each patient receives the same quality of care and consumer experience. Consumers are comfortable with the franchise model and this extends to healthcare as well.
  3. Business of Doctors. One of the most unique things about the healthcare franchise is that it brings doctors and business people together in a new and exciting way. Physicians receive loads of medical training but hardly any training on how to run a business leaving them with few options. They can take a risk and open a private practice or join a conglomerative practice. Healthcare franchises provide doctors the opportunity to have someone else handle the business aspect of healthcare delivery while simultaneously allowing clinicians to focus on what they’re trained to do: treat patients.
  4. Good for Small Business. Private practices and small businesses struggle to compete with large healthcare corporations. The healthcare franchise provides the opportunity for individual physicians to compete with the “big guys”. With the backing of a franchise’s marketing budget, operational systems, and guidance physicians have the prospect to open a single location and level the playing field when it comes to “big name” healthcare.

The healthcare franchise industry is booming and expected to increase through specialized services like dental care, orthopedic services, sleep centers, medical spas, and more. The diversification of services in the healthcare franchise industry is spurring rapid expansion while reducing saturation in the market. For smart business people, now is the time to get into an industry that shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

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Christine has over 25 years of quantifiable executive management and franchise related leadership experience within the US and internationally with notable franchise startups in the service, technology, retail, food, health and wellness, financial service, medical care, technology and professional services.   As a Senior Franchise Executive and Entrepreneur, Ms. Dura has been both an individual contributor and has successfully led world-class teams.

Ms. Dura excels at partnering with all core business operations to significantly increase the company’s foot print, expand market share, and generate sustainable revenue and EBIT gains.  Her proven successes, combined with her Master Degree in Training and Development, have shaped Ms. Dura’s uncanny ability to identify opportunities, build mutually rewarding partnerships and produce remarkable results. 

In addition, as a four-time Master and Unit Franchise Owner, Ms. Dura is in a very unique position to leverage her experiences and reputation at all levels in franchising along with her vast personal and professional investor network to drive immediate and long term results.   As OrthoNOW’s Chief Development Officer her role is to identify critical gaps in franchise growth and implement strategies to drive results. Her unique background allows her to leverage past experiences and solid reputation to spearhead OrthoNOW’s national expansion plans.