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Trends in Value-Based Healthcare

6 Trends That Support Value-Based Healthcare Business Opportunities

By: Christine Dura

The shift in consumers seeking value-based healthcare is continuing to increase. As a result, there are numerous healthcare business opportunities on the horizon. National health systems are working on dealing with a changing payment and regulatory landscape that emphasizes efficiency, appropriate use, and transparency. This change places a premium on accessible, high-value, evidence-based, patient-centered care. But how does this shift to value-based care lend itself to healthcare business opportunities?

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Why Entrepreneurs Turn to Medical Franchising

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Turn to Medical Franchising

By: Christine Dura

Electing to own a franchise can be a rewarding decision. But why are more and more business owners deciding to buy a medical franchise, even if they have no medical background or experience? Medical franchises are some of the most popular franchise options on the market. Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs are getting involved in medical franchising.

  • Demand.

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Alternatives to Practical ER Care

Urgent Care Franchises: The Revolutionary Alternative to Practical ER Care

By: Christine Dura

The way people seek medical care has evolved over time. From the doctor who does house calls to the current urgent care franchise model, the landscape has changed drastically. The convenience of the urgent care franchise has revolutionized the way patients seek and receive medical treatment for minor injuries and ailments.

Starting in the 1970s when the first locations opened,

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Medical Franchise Revenue Streams

5 Ways to Profit From Medical Franchise Revenue Streams

By: Christine Dura

One of the franchising sectors experiencing the largest growth right now is the medical franchise industry. Owning a medical franchise can not only be personally fulfilling, but financially beneficial. Due to their popularity, medical franchises offer the opportunity to generate more revenue than most other franchises in existence. Here are some ways that you can profit from medical franchise revenue streams.

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The Changing Orthopedic Landscape

How the Changing Orthopedic Landscape is Creating New Healthcare Business Opportunities

By: Christine Dura

In today’s market, there are ample healthcare business opportunities, but one specialty in particular is gaining popularity, and for good cause. Orthopedic care is a constantly evolving field, and delivering this care has changed dramatically over the years. This is resulting in new opportunities that previously didn’t exist.

Instant healthcare has seen a significant increase in demand over the past decade.

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4 Ideas to Consider When Opening a Healthcare Franchise

4 Ideas to Consider When Opening a Healthcare Franchise

By Christine Dura

Opening a healthcare franchise can be both a fulfilling and lucrative option when it comes to owning your own business. How do you determine what type of franchise to open? It may come easy to doctors with specific specialties who are interested in being in business for themselves, but for the average franchisee, there’s a lot to consider. Here are some things to think about when deciding on a healthcare franchise.

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