Why You Should Invest in a Healthcare Franchise

Why You Should Invest in a Healthcare Franchise

By: Christine Dura

Everyday orthopedic surgeons, physician’s assistants, and other support medical personnel will treat patients who had suffered an orthopedic injury and first sought treatment in an emergency room. Once there, the patient would experience long wait times only to be treated, released, and then referred to a specialist. This methodology increases not only the patient’s healthcare costs and recovery time but also produces less than optimum outcomes.

As a result, six years ago, a better cost effective and efficient urgent care franchise model emerged that was dedicated to the provision of affordable specialized orthopedic care on demand. This simple strategy not only offers the patient a better solution, it also provides savvy investors a medical franchise opportunity that sustains a healthy bottom line.  

Today, OrthoNOW® is the nation’s only orthopedic urgent care center. Similarly, Nitelight Pediatric Urgent Care as well as AFC/Doctors Express Urgent Care, one of the pioneers of urgent care franchising, have disrupted the healthcare ecosystem, presenting investors with a solid, recession proof business opportunity even if they are not a health care professional.  

Healthcare exists no matter the economic conditions and the demand for services increases every year. When navigating the medical franchise world, it is important that the investor considers the following key urgent care franchising:  

  • Simple Strategy – If it is too complicated to understand, it’s probably not the right solution for you. Look at those medical franchises offering a straight forward business model.
  • Predictable, Reliable, Stable Business Model – When it comes to injuries, they happen every day and never by appointment. Look for urgent care franchises that offer stability.
  • Technology Resistant – The newest technology plays a role in medical franchising, but not all healthcare services can be delivered via the internet or outsourced. Identify urgent care franchises that provide expert and compassionate care on demand.
  • Proven Business System –Be sure that the medical franchise you are considering has developed a proven business operations processes, advertising and marketing strategies, and general procedures for launching and managing profitable locations. The urgent care franchise operations model needs to be efficient and effective and constantly improving. You want to invest in a medical franchise that is always considering innovative solutions to make your business operate more efficiently.
  • Experienced Team – Align yourself only with medical franchise that provides access to a corporate staff that consists of proven business, medical, and franchise professionals. It is essential to get all of the support you need to thrive as a franchise owner.
  • Understand Your Competition – Carefully consider the urgent care franchise competitive landscape before selecting the opportunity right for you. As you will need to uniquely position yourself to dominate in a highly-fragmented market, look at specialty medical franchises.
  • Growth Opportunities and Scalability – Ensure that you are partnering with a medical franchise powerhouse that is targeting multi-unit operators and area developers and who understand the power of scale.
  • Multiple Income Streams – Look for medical franchise opportunities that offer multiple ancillary products and services that will drive revenue.
  • Optimized Profitability – Evaluate the varying urgent care franchises available in order to determine if your managed labor costs make it affordable to scale.
  • Residual Income Streams – Look for those medical franchises that features repeat visits, referrals and ongoing care services.

Medical franchising offers ground level access business opportunities that can produce tremendous wealth. By understanding the landscape and considering the key issues listed above, the decision as to which franchise to invest with is simplified. Accidents don’t happen by appointment and medical franchises are here to help the patient by providing on-demand access to quality, affordable care.

OrthoNOW is the first and only Orthopedic franchise. Contact Christine Dura at Christine@orthonowcare.com for more information about franchise opportunities.

Christine has over 25 years of quantifiable executive management and franchise related leadership experience within the US and internationally with notable franchise startups in the service, technology, retail, food, health and wellness, financial service, medical care, technology and professional services.   As a Senior Franchise Executive and Entrepreneur, Ms. Dura has been both an individual contributor and has successfully led world-class teams.

Ms. Dura excels at partnering with all core business operations to significantly increase the company’s foot print, expand market share, and generate sustainable revenue and EBIT gains.  Her proven successes, combined with her Master Degree in Training and Development, have shaped Ms. Dura’s uncanny ability to identify opportunities, build mutually rewarding partnerships and produce remarkable results. 

In addition, as a four-time Master and Unit Franchise Owner, Ms. Dura is in a very unique position to leverage her experiences and reputation at all levels in franchising along with her vast personal and professional investor network to drive immediate and long term results.   As OrthoNOW’s Chief Development Officer her role is to identify critical gaps in franchise growth and implement strategies to drive results. Her unique background allows her to leverage past experiences and solid reputation to spearhead OrthoNOW’s national expansion plans.