What to Look for in Medical Business Opportunities

What to Look for in Medical Business Opportunities

By: Christine Dura

Congratulations! You’ve decided to enter the burgeoning world of medical business opportunities. With an aging population and an increase in demand for convenient, affordable, quality healthcare, the opportunities to enter the franchise business are staggering. From urgent care franchises to other healthcare services, there are a variety of options for entrepreneurs to get into the medical field. But, where does one start? What should entrepreneurs look for when evaluating medical business opportunities?

Competition and Saturation

As a result of the increase in demand and popularity of healthcare franchises, there is a great deal of competition in specific markets. For example, the urgent care industry is experiencing perhaps the greatest boon of them all. So, smart entrepreneurs need to evaluate alternative medical business opportunities to set themselves apart and up for immediate success. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the average entrepreneur needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to medical franchises, but rather to invest in up-and-coming business or models that fill a particular need within the industry. While there is a saturation of some healthcare franchises, there is a significant need for other services to support the booming industry.

Fill a Need

Medical business opportunities are bountiful when it comes to filling a need that either supports the industry or innovates within it. As an example, one need within the ever-expanding urgent care industry is for qualified and experience medical billers. It’s increasingly difficult to find experienced medical billers for each and every franchise location. However, there are medical business opportunities that satisfy that need through providing a third-party specialized service. By hiring a third-party billing service, franchise locations can ensure their billing is done correctly without worrying about finding the perfect fit for their team.

Another way to fill a need within the medical business opportunity world is through innovating with a medical franchise that isn’t part of a saturated market. As an example, OrthoNOW is a specialized urgent care franchise offering orthopedic services. The founders of this franchise realized that there was a significant need within the orthopedic arena for specialized healthcare within the convenience and affordability of an urgent care settings. As a result, OrthoNOW was born and is continuing to expand across a variety of markets.

Best in Class Services

When delving into the world of medical business opportunities, one surefire way to set your endeavor apart is by offering best in class services. From exceptional customer service to unmatched healthcare, making sure that your business stands out from the competition is key. The consumer has the pick of the litter among medical franchises and will remember how they felt when visiting a location. In a market sometimes saturated with choice, offering the best customer experience can be a recipe for success. Satisfied customers will tell their friends and word of mouth is the best marketing a business can receive.

Whether this is your first foray into the exciting world of medical business opportunities, or you’re a serial entrepreneur, selecting a unique or much-needed healthcare avenue can be the difference between quick success and a longer path.

OrthoNOW is the first and only Orthopedic franchise. Contact Christine Dura at Christine@orthonowcare.com for more information about franchise opportunities.

Christine has over 25 years of quantifiable executive management and franchise related leadership experience within the US and internationally with notable franchise startups in the service, technology, retail, food, health and wellness, financial service, medical care, technology and professional services.   As a Senior Franchise Executive and Entrepreneur, Ms. Dura has been both an individual contributor and has successfully led world-class teams.

Ms. Dura excels at partnering with all core business operations to significantly increase the company’s foot print, expand market share, and generate sustainable revenue and EBIT gains.  Her proven successes, combined with her Master Degree in Training and Development, have shaped Ms. Dura’s uncanny ability to identify opportunities, build mutually rewarding partnerships and produce remarkable results. 

In addition, as a four-time Master and Unit Franchise Owner, Ms. Dura is in a very unique position to leverage her experiences and reputation at all levels in franchising along with her vast personal and professional investor network to drive immediate and long term results.   As OrthoNOW’s Chief Development Officer her role is to identify critical gaps in franchise growth and implement strategies to drive results. Her unique background allows her to leverage past experiences and solid reputation to spearhead OrthoNOW’s national expansion plans.