Fit Friday: The Benefits Of ARP Wave on Marathon Runners and Athletes at OrthoNOW

MIAMI (CBS Miami) – The horn sounded off and marathoners hit the ground running. Rosanna Morales use to be one of them until a sudden injury stopped her in her tracks.

“A couple of years ago I decided to kick it up from half marathons to full marathons, and I made it to my very last month of training for the ING full and I came down with tendonitis in my left ankle,” said Morales.

She did what most people do after an injury.

ARP-Wave-Study-OrthoNOW-Spasms“Eight months later with therapy it had gotten some relief but it hadn’t healed,” said Morales.

Then she found an urgent care center in South Florida called Orthonow that uses a form of therapy usually only available to professional athletes, ARP Wave or Accelerated Recovery Performance.

“What it does is allow you to recover faster from an injury typically a soft tissue injury so that could be a sprain, a muscle strain,” said Doctor Alejandro Badia from Orthonow.

So how does it work? ARP Wave uses electricity and targets the specific muscle groups. It helps strengthen the muscles around the pain or areas you’ve injured.

“Your muscles strain usually that will take four to six weeks with ARP increasing the blood flow area it can happen in two weeks,” said Dr. Badia. Within two weeks, Morales was back to pounding the pavement.

ARP Wave for Tendonitis ankle for fast recovery of soft tissue Marathon Runner Rosa Morales ARP for tendonitis of ankle


“I was well enough that I went on to race the relay down to Key West,” said Morales. “I’ve shaved a minute and a half off my mile. I’m doing 10 and a half minute miles and that’s on my long runs.”

ARP Wave can be used for much more than just sports or exercise injuries.
“It also relieves pain because it relieves the spasm so if you throw out your back and you put the pads on, what it does is work at the neuron level.”

Not only is Morales healed but she said that she feels safe when she runs. “I feel very strong, I don’t feel afraid to challenge myself,” said Morales.

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