Discovery Day

OrthoNOW logo approved

OrthoNOW® achieves the triple aim: better care, better health, and lower costs

What is emerging in health care bears little resemblance to its previous form. As traditional boundaries dissolve and new horizons open for all industry stakeholders, leaders are called to be masters of strategy. Few industries today offer more promise than health care. As the system emerges from its old form and finds new wings, opportunities to innovate, inspire and ignite the change you see NOW are ripe for explosive growth.

Happening July 15, 2016, OrthoNOW will provide insights into how we are changing the way expert orthopedic healthcare is being delivered…NOW with those who may be interested.

A segment of what we have in store for our attendees will also be broadcasted LIVE via Google Hangouts! See below for details on the live broadcast: