John I Smith Middle School in Doral, FL Career Day

On Tuesday, March 18th the John I Smith Middle School in Doral, FL hosted a Career Day for their middle school students. OrthoNOW™ was invited to participate in the event.  Orthopaedic Specialists, Yanira Serralta, PA-C and Paulina Dominguez, PA-C addressed the 7th and 8th grade classes, describing their jobs as Physician Assistants and, what working in an orthopaedic urgent care center is like. Yanira and Paulina showed x-rays of bone fractures and breaks and discussed the different types of cases that come into OrthoNOW™ that they take care of quickly and efficiently versus the patient going to an emergency room.  “I enjoyed the interaction with the children, they were very receptive and inquisitive which was extremely refreshing and made me feel good to be a part of their education for the day”, stated Yanira about her Career Day experience.

OrthoNOW™ Orthopaedic Urgent Care Center is a walk-in care clinic located in Doral, Florida with 15 specialists on staff that treat broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments and muscles, cuts, sports, and workers’ compensation injuries.  OrthoNOW™ has an in-house digital X-ray, MRI, on-site operating rooms and provides follow up care, and rehabilitation.  OrthoNOW™ accepts most major insurance, has extended weekend hours and no appointment is necessary.