OrthoNOW Mobile App: Winner of 2017 Awards by OTW

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OrthoNOW‘s Mobile App was among the winners of the 2017 Sports Medicine Technology Awards by Orthopedics This Week. This annual award rewards inventors, engineering teams, physicians, and their companies who’ve created the most innovative, enduring, and practical products in 2016 developed to treat any injured athlete.

The OrthoNOW Mobile App is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and was designed to enhance the patients’ experience with our orthopedic urgent care centers, even before they arrive at one of our 36 centers under development from coast to coast. All franchise owners consider the OrthoNOW mobile app to be one of their most valuable tools.

When it was first launched, the app introduced the On My Way NOW® feature that allowed patients to notify an OrthoNOW Center that they are in route, the reason they are going, and what time they expect to arrive. Additionally, the app also located the nearest OrthoNOW Center, provided contact information to the Center, and could connect to Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as supply information about conditions treated and a section of frequently asked questions.

Late last year, the mobile app was updated to augment its list of features:

1. Patients can now send a custom injury alert to the orthopedic experts at a Center with pictures of the injury in advance of their arrival.

2. Patients can create profiles – a feature designed to help parents or coaches build a system for rapid decision making and notification at the time of injury – when seconds count.

3. Finally, and most notably, OrthoNOW’s mobile app is now integrated with the Uber app, allowing patients to request and ride to the nearest Center when other transportation is not available or practical, such as after having sustained an injury to a hand, arm, leg, or foot.

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