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Much debate is focused on healthcare reform with emphasis on controlling costs, increasing access, while maintaining quality. OrthoNOW is paving the way in orthopedic care by providing cost-effective, accessible, fast, and expert service. We are different from any other medical provider and we pride ourselves on the ability to enter and compete in the market place at a significantly higher level. A key component of our superior performance is our proprietary patient centric mobile app.

Mobile app with On My Way NOW™ feature:unknown

Because Injuries Don’t Happen by Appointment® we are pleased to offer our franchisees and our patients access to our game changing, early adopter app with the On My Way NOW™ feature which is available for free on both iTunes and Google Play Store.

The app, which is currently undergoing another industry shattering upgrade, is designed to enhance the experience of our patients by allowing them to:

  • Identify the location of their nearest OrthoNOW Center
  • Send a custom alert to the doctors and staff stating that they are in route, provide an arrive time and the reason for their visit
  • Know that the Center is preparing to receive them and expedite treatment by the orthopedic specialist on duty.

We are unaware of another entity that has launched something quite as enterprising as On My Way NOW™, a combination scheduling and messaging feature, that is designed with the patient in mind.